Why do we do this strange thing?


Let’s face it. Finding new roads, and seeing new things is cool.

Cool is about 90% of motorcycling. We don’t do it for ourselves, though. Imagine how it would suck for the rubes if they didn’t get to bask in our coolth. It seems incredible, but their lives would be even more dreary.

We are humanitarians for bringing such awesomeness into their lives.

Or…are we just cruel? Giving them a taste of the awesome that could come into their lives, then giggling and yanking it away as we cruise out of their drudgery in search of something mildly more interesting?

Yes, we are cruel to the rubes, as, without warning we roar, clad in glory, into the banality of their lives and then, just as suddenly, vanish, laughing, in search of another tawdry roadside attraction. Yet, we are still doing them a kindness because we raise their eyes, if only for a moment, from the muck and they know that higher, more beautiful things do exist.

Consider us, if you will, like sparks fallen from Heaven itself. We brighten their lives; it doesn’t matter that it is only for a moment. They will treasure the memory and talk of the moment they saw us in reverent tones for the rest of their lives.


“There’s still places we haven’t ridden to, yet.”

~Evil Twin