Obscure Reference?

I decided to take a ride today, since the weather was beautiful. Nobody else was around, so I took off on my own.

I’d seen a town name on Google Maps that interested me. So, I headed up to just past Brookville, and started looking for the town sign. Well, after way too much time spent looking for that, I decided to just use a street sign that had the name of the town.



Meanwhile, on the way there, I had a kind of silly idea. Brookville isn’t all that far (well, by my standards) from Tionesta. And, near Tionesta is a tiny town where I used to go fishing when I was young. I knew this town didn’t have a ‘welcome to’ sign, either. At least, it didn’t 30-something years ago. And that seems to still be the case. I didn’t get to the bridge I used to fish off of, due to the road being closed for flooding. But, I did keep the road sign theme going and completed my stupid little task.



Put them together, and, naturally, you get a nice Simpson’s reference.








I know. This would be a pretty stupid way to spend a day….if motorcycles didn’t exist (the horror…). What better reason to put nearly 300 miles on the bike than something completely pointless? Make sure you get out there and do something goofy, yourself. And enjoy it!






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