The Last K-Mart Cafe

Those of us from my generation remember them. The little cafeteria with the diner-esque menu located in the back of the K-Mart. Complete with the late 1960’s styling, right down to the overly-dark-stained wood, and semi-translucent green and orange textured ‘glass’ (plastic) dividers (at least the one in North Versailles, PA; your mileage may vary). A place you could take a break from shopping, and have a hot turkey sandwich, a piece of pie, and a cigarette.

Those days are long-gone, now. And not just because you can’t smoke anywhere anymore.

Or….are they?

Evil Twin managed to find out online that there’s still one of these bastions of questionable cuisine left. According to what he found, it’s nearby in Belle Vernon.

Sounds like a World’s Largest Ball of Twine to me. So, we headed out on a dreary Saturday in late September to get some lunch, and feed our nostalgia.

But, when we got there, we were unable to confirm if the cafe was still in business, because the K-Mart itself, like so many others, is no more. It’s not just closed, but was actually in the process of being torn down.

Could the internet have lied to us?!?!

Ah, well….we had a nice ride, anyway.


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