Cafe Racers

It turns out that there is a motorcycle magazine based just across the Ohio river from home. What? A bike mag in Pittsburgh? That’s right. Cafe Racer Magazine is located in Sewickley, PA. I had no idea until this summer, either.

Anyway, they held a cafe racer show at the park in Sewickley, and it was fairly well-attended. Lou and I went out on a morning shakedown, as he’s got his Reliability Rally bike pretty much complete. We stopped in at the show, because, well, how could we not? Gotta love these types of things. Sometimes the parking lot is just as interesting as the show.

I was particularly amused to see what was my first street bike in the show. Honda CB550F. Even the same color. Mine was not as nice, though. Also saw my 3rd-ever Green Concours14.






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