Spring Zing 2017

Well, this was a complete bust this year.

We had 6 riders lined up. One didn’t show up. Understandable, since it was about 35 degrees and rainy. Most were running late.

When we finally met up, it was still misting out. We decided to go for breakfast and discuss changing plans. Was there anywhere nearby that was at least dry?

After breakfast, Lou decided he’d had enough of the weather on his naked Triumph, and peeled off for home. We remaining 4 decided we’d head towards Wheeling, instead of further east into the rain. We picked up 18, and not long after that, a rest stop was needed. At the stop in Raccoon Park, the two cruiser guys said they, too, weren’t really feeling this. We decided to bag it.

Leaving the park, Brandon (on Evil Twin’s Shadow 600) looked to be having a problem. Sure enough, he pulled over and sputtered to a stop. The old Iron Horse wasn’t running right. It would idle, but any throttle bogged it down completely. At least it wasn’t currently raining. After playing with it for about a half hour, Jason took his V-Rod home to trade it for his truck. We loaded up the Horse, and took it back to where it had been staying.

Evil Twin and I headed off shortly after, to call it a day.

But, it had all the underpinnings of a ‘perfect’ Spring Zing. Weather and bike problems had taken its toll.

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