Adena burial mound

Ah, the Adena indians. Putting the ‘mound’ in Moundville since 200 BC.

About a month before this ride, I made Rocinante sound more like a motorcycle.



Yes, we’ve come back to our home of Moundsville, WV, to check out another of its many World’s Largest Balls of Twine. The actual burial mound itself.

Today, it’s a historical/archaeological site, complete with a museum explaining everything about it. Don’t come on Monday like we did; the museum will be closed then.

Not just one of Moundsville’s WLBoTs, but the reason for the name of the town, and a central location for the other attractions. Heck, just across the streets from this are the old penitentiary, an elementary school playground (you couldn’t find a better location?) and a circus/carnival museum/ice cream shoppe.





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